Meet Nicholas



Nicholas is an esteemed and talented director, playwright and actor, and his years of professional practice in the dramatic arts provides an unparalleled capacity and exceptional perspective on communication in the corporate world.

Joanne Jakovich, PHD

When we are thinking of a getting an internal, external, disparate or even experienced team to present you couldn’t get, in my opinion, a better resource than Nicholas.

Jim Miller, Macquarie Group

Nicholas was the lead communications trainer for all the young talent coming into the firm - finding ways to connect and skill that disparate and highly demanding cohort to become savvy and confident communicators.

Barbara Hyman, BCG Australasia

Creativity. Confidence. Connection.

Connection is a multi-faceted word that has the pumping heart of authenticity at the centre of it. If we are real, or if we can be ‘ourselves’ while we present in the pursuit of our goals then our influence is exponentially increased.  But this is easier than it might sound. There are so many seductions away from authenticity. If we are presenting for business me might over-state our credentials in place of a dialogue that addresses a client’s deeper need. If we are an actor, we might choose a flashy show of emotion over a more controlled and potent reading, or if a musician we might choose to run up and down a scale to show our virtuosity, rather than play more simply and more potently express a mood or feeling.  But over the three decades plus in which I have coached top executives and CEO's into multi-billion dollar bid victories, acting students at NIDA, or even writing students at Melbourne University, there is one, glaring constant: and that is that truth has the ultimate clout.